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Mars in Libra means you will be partying hard, but Mercury in Scorpio will ensure you get to your meetings on time! Your ruling planet Mercury opposes wildcard Uranus in Taurus on October 7, bringing unexpected changes to your schedule. You may find yourself more exhausted than usual, so try to keep your plans flexible and give yourself extra time to rest. Limitations are set on October 7 as the sun clashes with taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn, and it's an important day to be your most mature self.

While Libra season is a flirty time of year for you, October 7 isn't a warm or affectionate day, so plan a fun date for another time. Love and money planet Venus enters Scorpio on October 8, bringing blessings to the sector of your chart that rules routines and rituals. This is a lovely time to treat yourself to a spa service, even if it's just a DIY face mask. Just avoid beauty treatments on October 12 when Venus opposes Uranus—surprises, of the good and bad variety, will pop up!

Emotionally, this day will also stir up some unexpected feelings for you. You're craving freedom and flexibility and don't want to be locked into a schedule or routine. Geminis easily find cures for boredom due to your curious nature, but at this time, you're especially itchy to break out of your routines. A climax that has been building in your social life takes place on October 13 with the fiery full moon in Aries. This is a great full moon to connect with communities and causes you are passionate about, and a lucky energy flows as the sun makes a helpful connection with generous Jupiter, bringing good vibes to your relationships.

Full moons are emotional periods, but this one is especially productive for connection. Make time for wish-making during this full moon. Some old wishes may be coming into full bloom at this time, while others are being forgotten. Either way, connect with your sense of hope and wonder about the future as the full moon in Aries finds you fully embodying the part of yourself that values process and is inspired by possibilities. Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn work together on October 14 to help you hammer out plans, but control issues abound as the sun clashes with Pluto—bring in a third party to help mediate again.

A passionate energy is flowing, but not everyone is being their best selves. Fortunately, a more empathetic energy flows around communication as your ruling planet Mercury connects with creative Neptune in Pisces on October This bodes well for your career, too! Your imagination is flowing and it's paying off. Secrets are shared as Mercury connects with Pluto on October 19, and Venus makes a helpful connection with Saturn on October 20, which will bring support, even if it's not the most affectionate energy.

Venus connects with Neptune on October 21, bringing a whirlwind of romance; this time also bodes especially well for your career as you dream up fantastic ideas that impress your coworkers, higher-ups, clients, and fans! Scorpio season begins on October 23, finding you fully focused on your day job, wellness routine, and responsibilities. Venus connects with Pluto on October 25, making for a sexy—and even kinky—atmosphere. However, some insecurities are worth addressing now, and recognizing and accepting something is the first step toward moving past it!

If you both stay away from each other, then you should plan to meet as early as possible. Since Sun is transiting in this zodiac sign only, it will be posited in the first house or ascendant house of your kundali. According to the Kaal Purush Kundali, the first house of the kundali is ruled by Aries and represents nature, health and enlightenment.

Sun transit may affect your health negatively and at the same time, irritability can be seen in your behavior. You may quarrel with your family members on unnecessary things. You have to take control over your anger if you want to succeed in your respective fields. Your anger will be harmful for you, which is why you must try to get rid of it. To strengthen the economic sid, you need to talk to your spouse or parents. Also, you should make a good budget plan to save money.

During the period, avoid eating oily and spicy food, as you are likely to suffer from stomach-related problems. Students should focus on their studies and stay away from those who intend to waste their time.

Libra October 12222 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

Those who are studying abroad may get good results in studies. For the natives of Scorpio, Sun is transiting into your twelfth house. The twelfth house of the kundali is the significator of expenditure, loss and salvation. Natives involved in some business may visit foreign countries or go for a long distance trip during this transit. If you really want to attain a successful result out of these trips, then you are needed to analyse every aspect of the situation and then move forward.

Some natives of this zodiac sign may suffer from mental stress. It is better to live alone than in a bad and infectious company. Your expenditure may exceed in this duration. To save money for your future endeavors, try to control your expenses.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Now, you need to work on your physical fitness and make a positive change in your lifestyle because physical pain and intestinal problems can occur during this time. If the students are facing difficulties regarding any matter, then they should talk to their teachers about it without any hesitation. You may get some important advice from your father about your future. Within this period, Sun is transiting into the eleventh house of your kundali. The Eleventh house is also known as the house of benefit and is the significator of great success in life, elder siblings etc.

The Sun transit into this house is likely to be beneficial for you. At the workplace, you will get the support of your seniors and the new routes for profit will open. This transit will also bring positive changes in your health, due to which you will be seen more active than before.

Libra Monthly Horoscope: October | odyzevel.tk

As the ruling lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, therefore the people of this zodiac sign will actively take part in religious activities, and become majorly inclined towards religion and spirituality. You may visit some religious places with your family. Your relationship with your father will also enhance and through him, you may gain profits. In the meanwhile, you may meet some popular personalities of the society.

Students will succeed in reigning their focus, and may read academic books along with some religious book as well. For the natives of Capricorn, Sun is transiting into the tenth house of their kundali. According to the Kal Purush Kundali, the tenth house is governed by Cancer zodiac sign.

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Apart from this, it is the significator of karma and indicates your relationship with your father and status in society. With the Sun posited in this house, you will gain benefits from the government sector. You may get a promotion if you are associated with a government job. Your respect at workplace may increase and you may spend quality time or hang out with your seniors. During this period of transit, you must get control over your words, as it may create a situation of a verbal fight with the people of the opposite sex.

Libra Weekly Horoscope 7th October 2019 - finances can revive...

You need to control your excitement during this transit. Due to some ups and downs in family life, there are chances of misunderstandings arising within the family, which can tear you apart from the members. Although, you will be able to control this situation only when you know the truth. Do not consume a heavy amount of alcohol and cigarette during this time, as it may ruin your image in society.

Transit of the Sun is taking place into the Ninth house of your kundali. Sagittarius zodiac sign is the ruling lord of this house, and depicts your luck, a long distance journey and your preceptor or Guru. Your father may face some health issues during this period of transit. Along with it, you may encounter some kind of verbal fight with your father.

You need to understand his point of view to establish a good relationship with him. You might face some difficulties on the financial front, however you can get rid of it by controlling your expenses. At this time, you need to stay aware of your opponents because they may present your words in a wrong way, which can possibly create problems for you. You must meet an old friend or a trustworthy person to eradicate the problems of your life. Your anger may appear as a big obstruction between you and your lover. Sun is transiting to the eighth house of your kundali.

This house is the significator of age and indicates ups and downs along with the sudden happenings of life. You may deviate from your path during the period of transit and as a result, face problems in achieving the goals. In the meanwhile, you need to remain patient. If you feel you are stuck somewhere, you may consult your best friend to get out of this situation.

You have to control your anger during this transit. To keep yourself fit and healthy, try to avoid oily and spicy food. Apart from this, you must stay away from illegal acts so as to avoid ruining your image in the society. This time may bring mixed results for students. If you want to perform well in the field of education, then you must take help from your teachers.

Libra October 12222 Horoscope

Maintaining a good relationship with your teachers may also help you in the future. Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Aries Sun is transiting in the seventh house of your Kundali. Weekly Horoscope Aries. Taurus Sun is transiting in the sixth house of your kundali.

Libra Health & Wellness Horoscope

Remedy: Offer water to the Sun along with red flowers and sindoor. Weekly Horoscope Taurus. Gemini During this transit, the Sun will be posited in the fifth house of your kundali. Remedy: On Sunday, offer pure ghee in the temple of Lord Vishnu. Gemini Weekly Horoscope. Cancer Your fourth house will get active when the Sun transits in Libra.

Remedy: Offer water to the Lord Sun on a daily basis. Cancer Weekly Horoscope. Leo The transit of the Sun is taking place in the third house of your kundali. Leo Weekly Horoscope. Virgo Transit of Sun in your second house may affect your speech. Remedy: Listen to Shri Harivansh Puran or chant it. Virgo Weekly Horoscope. Libra Since Sun is transiting in this zodiac sign only, it will be posited in the first house or ascendant house of your kundali.

Libra Weekly Horoscope. Scorpio For the natives of Scorpio, Sun is transiting into your twelfth house. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope.

Effect of Sun in the Birth Chart

Sagittarius Within this period, Sun is transiting into the eleventh house of your kundali. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope. Capricorn For the natives of Capricorn, Sun is transiting into the tenth house of their kundali. Remedy: Feed Jaggery to cow. Capricorn Weekly Horoscope. Aquarius Transit of the Sun is taking place into the Ninth house of your kundali. Remedy: Donate red clothes on Sunday. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope. Pisces Sun is transiting to the eighth house of your kundali. Remedy: Donate wheat on Sunday. Pisces Weekly Horoscope. For Astrological Remedies including Gemstones, Yantra, etc.

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